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Express Outside
from $22

Deluxe Service
from $35

Platinum Service
from $48

Mini Detailing
From $129

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from $120

Interior Shampoo
from $180

from $89

Pre Sale Makeover
From $180

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Leather Treatments
from $100

Odour Eliminator
from $45

Paint Protection
from $349

Signage Removal

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Machine Cut & Polish
from $299

Full Detail

Minor Scratch & Blemish Removal

Mint Paint Protection

Paint Protection

Paint Sealant And Shine
Approx 4 hours
From Small $399 Medium $449 Large $499

+Hand applied performance compound that will protect paintwork with a durable tough coating
+Safe under bonnet clean to remove built grime and leaves
+External pressure clean of grooves, seals, moulds and door jambs
+External soft sponge hand wash with extra polymer wax shampoo
+Extensive safe detailed clean of wheels leaving a sparkling finish

+Safe degreaser solvent pressure clean of tyres, arches and mudguards
+External synthetic chamois dry  + Tyre shine treatment
+Extensive interior vacuum of carpets, seats, mats and boot
+Microfibre cloth streak free clean of external / internal windows
+Clean and rejuvenate door trims, dashboard, console and steering wheel

Note: Most paint protections on the market at the end of the day are a compound sealant and should not be promised otherwise, especially not as a life long lasting paintwork protection system that are charged at extremely high rates.
Mint Carwash and Detailing Centre recommends having this service be done every 2-3 years in which will constantly keep a thicker layer of protection to help repel against damaging contaminants such as dirt, dust, bird droppings, road tar, ultra violet rays,acid rain and oxidation


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